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frog + fern

Vision Quest Smoke Blend - 4oz

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This smoking blend was created with the intention to be used either alone, or with other herbs in a 2:1 ratio (tobacco/cannabis : herbal blend).

- Can also be burned over a charcoal tablet as loose incense.

Each jar is 4oz.


Mullein: mild sedative; strong decongestant; opens and relaxes airways; for dreams/visions; protection from nightmares; provides courage.

Passion Flower: reduces anxiety, depression, & insomnia; good for drug withdrawal; cleansing; restores harmony & balance.

Rose Buds: antioxidant; balances emotions & their effects on the heart; eliminates confusion & fear; brings peace & uplifts depressed spirits.

Calamus Root: energizes & reduces anxiety; powerful visionary quest aid; pain relief; associated with luck & prosperity.

St. John’s Wort: relieves pain from headaches, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, & nerve pain; aids in bringing light to situations & healing traumas.

Lavender: strengthens the immune system; promotes stress relief & relaxation; aids in purification.

Peppermint: clears lungs & respiratory passages; restores & rejuvenates the mind & body; aids in peaceful sleep.


Not approved by the FDA; herbal blends are not regulated by the FDA; please consult with your physician before consuming product; statements are not intended to replace medical advice from a physician; not suitable for pregnant or nursing people.


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