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frog + fern

Revitalizing Orange Herbal Scrub - 4oz

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The citrusy scrub base cools skin, opens pores & allows one’s body to breathe in the added herbs & botanicals.

**For body use only**

Nettle Leaf: acts as a natural astringent; tightens & firms skin; regulates natural sebum production; promotes soft, flawless skin; accelerates healing process of wounds & burns; helps with skin allergies & eczema.

Peppermint: contains natural salicylic acid; gentle & effective exfoliant; clears pores & helps prevent breakouts; anti-pruritic agent — helps common affected, itchy skin; contains vitamin A which can strengthen skin tissue & reduce oil production.

Bay Leaf: detoxifies the body; minimizes the effects of aging on your skin; combats bacterial infections; reduces inflammation; speeds of healing; contains unique phytonutrients that reduce inflammation & alleviate joint pain; encourages healing & smooth, radiant skin.

Massage into skin for invigorating, revitalizing moisture and hydrating, awake skin!


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