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Rejuvenating Turmeric Clay Mask - 4oz

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Orange Peel: prevents oxidative stress in skin cells for youthful, glowing skin; hydrates and heals dry, flaky and itchy skin.


Turmeric: lightens hyperpigmentation; reduces dark circles; prevents signs of premature aging; can help with psoriasis & eczema; kills acne.


Bay Leaf: helps make skin evenly toned & smooth; anti-inflammatory properties reduce puffiness without causing loss of moisture; aids in healing & purifying the skin.


Peppermint: works well as a mild astringent; tones skin naturally; contains natural salicylic acid; tightens pores; retains moisture.


Nettles: accelerates the healing process of wounds & burns; helps with skin allergies; heals eczema; regulates natural sebum production.


With mineral in rich Kaolin clay, activated charcoal, as well as added herbs & botanicals, this mask aids in preventing acne and early signs of aging, manages dry skin, and absorbs excess oil and sebum.


mix equal parts liquid and mask; mix until paste: leave on face 15-20 minutes; wash off with warm water.


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my mom loved it as a gift